I miss you

December 5, 2007
I miss those eyes. Those eyes that captured me.
I miss that smile. That smile that made me smile.
I miss those hands. Those hands that used to hold me so tight.
I miss those talks. Those talks that kept me on the phone for hours.
I miss that smell. That smell that sent shivers down my spine.
I miss that laugh. That laugh that I'll remember years later.
I miss the advice. The advice that helped me through so much.
I miss the comfort. The comfort you brought when no hope was near. I miss that face. That face that I longed to see.
I miss those fights. Those fights that would make me hate and love you at the same time.
I miss the names. The names you gave me, that made my heart race because I felt special.
I miss the memories. The memories taht we've shared.
I miss you.
I miss us.

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