Language of Our Realm

December 5, 2007
By Aviram Shoshany, Jamaica, NY

Our own Hieroglyphics.
Defected wall posts on Facebook profiles.
Our hi’s and bye’s that no one understands.
Our waves known as weird in the halls.
Our love expressed through our stupid jokes.
It is pretty weird to be honest.
It becomes a part of us.
It connects us.
It can point us out in a crowd of 2 million.
We laugh and laugh at nothing.
When people see a blank screen that is just a
Black hole, we see a world of
Appreciation and recognition.
Our life is full of problems that are indescribable and impossible to fix, but
The ones who can describe them light the rope that attaches to our bomb of friendship.
Our life is full of joyful thoughts that can be shown by
Our special handshakes,
Our retarded outside jokes, and our
Games that show we have no life.
Without our hieroglyphics,
We wouldn’t be alive.

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