Likes and dislikes

December 5, 2007
By Desiree Ries, Cumberland, WI

I love the outside winter activities
Because they are adventurous and exciting.

I love Christmas break
Because it’s a blissful holiday, and there’s no school.

I love spending time with my family
Because I like boning with them and sharing memories with them.

I hate the below freezing temperature
Because it’s exceedingly chilly, and it makes me shiver.

I love swimming in the summer
Because it’s relaxing and amuzing.

I love summer break
Because I feel free, and I don’t have to study.

I love eating mint chocolate chip ice cream on blazing summer days
Because it’s refreshing and frosty.

I hate getting sun burnt
Because I look like a fiery red lobster, and it aches.

I love playing sports
Because they are thrilling and challenging.

I love hanging out with my friends
Because they, are silly and zany, and I can tell them anything.

I love letting my feelings out
Because it gets an emourous load off my shoulder.

I hate when my brothers annoy me
Because its irritating, and they get under m skin.

I love helping others
Because I feel like I accomplished a task.

I hate when other people put other people down
Because there’s no reason to lower someone’s self esteem and it’s discourteous.

I love when I make a goal and achieve it
Because I feel satisfied.

I used to think that I could only have on group of friends;
But now I see that I can make other friends, and go out of my comfort zone.

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