Likes and dislikes

December 5, 2007
By Hanna Hopkins, Cumberland, WI

I love kittens
Because they are charming, cuddly, and playful.

I love puppies
Because they trickle you and they are loving.

I love hippos
Because they look big, funny, and adorable.

I love baby bunnies
Because they feel soft and there fun to hold.

I wish I could view the future
Because I would know what to be.

I wish I could be living in a castle
Because it would be so beautiful and I could explore every room.

I wish I could proceed on a stupendous shopping spree
Because I would never rush out of clothes, I would look fantastic, and it would be
extremely fun.

I wish I could visit California
Because I would cherish to be there and I would be so excited.

I hate people that are mean
Because its not nice and it makes other people feel awful.

I hate when people think there better than everybody else
Because I feel aggravated, it’s rude, and most times not true.

I hate when people don’t try
Because there life goes no where, no it’s a waste of their time.

I hate when people make bad decisions
Because it can hurt other people, it’s wrong, and it’s shameful.

I fear spiders
Because they are sickening, and they crawl so creepy.

I fear bats
Because they make squeaky noises, they have sharp teeth, and they live in dark scary places.

I fear the dark
Because it’s mysterious and you never know who’s there.

I fear death
Because I don’t want life to end, and you never know when or how you’re going to die.

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