Why him?

December 5, 2007
By Nina Davis, Tularosa, NM

When our eyes meet I can feel my heart beat
Your eyes glisten in the sun
While you say mine sparkle in the moon light
You say I'm warm to the touch
I'm not supposed to say what..........
But I can't help but love you
Your lips are so warm and soft
And you say mine are lovely with dew
While you hold me in your arms, my mind races with questions
How is this happening?
Why him?
Why does he love me so?
But before I get a chance to ask any of these
You slowly hold me up and stare at my lips
A soft smile spreads across yours then
Before I can say how I feel you silence me with one touch of yours
I bear my head against your chest
Slowly rising up and down with yours
A steady heart beat and your breathing is all I care to hear
You slowly wrap your arms around me
My arms slip around your waist
You pull me close until we're face to face
I lean my head against yours
And look deep into your eyes
It almost seems possible to get lost in them
You kiss my lips as gentle as a new born lamb
And of course my face turns a deep shade of red
We fall asleep together
Wrapped around each other tight
Cuddling with one another
Under the stars and moon we sleep
Head on your shoulder and yours on mine
Snoozing softly and warmly
Almost a dream it seems
Almost not even real
But forever more we remain with one another

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