After Graduation

December 5, 2007
After graduation none of this matters
We’ll go off to college, choose careers, then climb social ladders.
People tell me that high school shapes who we are,
The building block of who we will be.
Looking back all these mistakes I see,
I just can’t let them define me.
Yeah, sure these past few years heve been fun,
But what do I have when it’s all said and done?
Fading memories, photographs, of things left behind
Slowly eroding in the hidden corners of my mind.
Don’t get me wrong, the time I’ve spent with you has been priceless,
These past few pieces of my life have been the best.
I wouldn’t change one thing, even if I could
Because when I’m with you, everything seems good.
Even in hard times, overflowing with pain and sorrow,
You give me hope for a better tomorrow.
You always found a way to repair my busted heart,
You’ve been here for me from the very start.
But now that you’ve gone away,
I cant find the words to say
What I mean or how I feel.
I sit around and wonder if this is really real.
Am I really here, what does it mean to feel?
Reality becomes abstract,
I wish I could go back
In time, to when we first convened,
And relive these times we shared and these dreams we’ve dreamed.
As I look back I try not to cry,
I miss you so, and I’m not sure why
But I can’t seem to get you out of my head
When I’m laying in my bed, trying to sleep at night
I feel like I’ve lost sight, of who I am and who I want to be.
I’m trying to be real, just trying to be me,
But It’s hard cause I’m so insecure, and unsure
Of my life, future, present and past.
I’m hoping to god this life is gonna last.
Trying to discover why I am here, what purpose do I serve?
I feel like a drunk driver, all I can do is swerve
Left and right, running towards the light
Getting more and more lost, all through the night.
Everyday I am faced with decisions,
What to believe. Morals, ethics, and religions.
But the one thing that’s weighing me down the most,
The one thing that’s burning my brain like toast,
Is thinking about the future,
Plans for college and careers
And overcoming fears,
While I’m trying so hard, not to foget the past.
Someway, somehow I’ve got to make this last.
Senior year is supposed to be unsurpassed,
But I’m distraught by the thought
Of leaving this place
Everywhere I look, a familiar face
Never to be seen again, even though I call you friend,
Next year we’ll have gone our separate ways,
Talking less and less with the passing days,
Until finally we stop.
Our lives too busy, too absorbed in the success craze,
To waste time on past relationships as they vanish in the haze.

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Alwaysmiles2008 said...
Nov. 25, 2008 at 3:21 am
Hey Rachael, I wanted to let you know that I really liked reading your poem it was really good.
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