A track load of lies

May 25, 2011
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I wish I weren’t so slow in track.
I must say track is the most pointless sport in the world
I love more things than track like,
-I love pink
-I love vegetables, especially broccoli
-I love cats
And most of all I love losing!

I am so smart that I am ranked number one in the senior class,
And invented the stopwatch, no one can say they did that….right?
I am the most silent, shy, semi stupid, smelly student at John Hersey.
GOSH am I ugly, no guy will even talk to me because of my stench…
They say…it’s a combination of sardines and sweaty socks.

If a car were to run me over,
No one…
-and I mean NO ONE,
Would even notice that I am gone
I guess you can say I am popular.

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