This World, My World

May 25, 2011
This world is full of colors,
Beautiful colors,
All around,
And people are happy,
They love life,
Why can’t I be one of those lucky people?
My world is colorless,
Everything is dull,
And everything hurts me,
This world is full of people,
Wonderful people,
All around,
And they live their lives,
Just like everyone else,
Why can’t I enjoy life like them?
My world is lonely,
No one around,
And everything breaks me,
This world is full of music,
And laughter,
All around,
And it heals all wounds,
For everyone it chooses to,
Why can’t I be helped?
My world is silent,
Very disappointing,
And everything destroys me,
This world,
My world;
Completely different

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