May 25, 2011
By Wyatt Skunkcap BRONZE, Heart Butte, Montana, Montana
Wyatt Skunkcap BRONZE, Heart Butte, Montana, Montana
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My Cousins picture on the wall,
Brings back memories of joy
a full gym standing and screaming his name
he is nervous on the inside,
on the surface he looks calm and ready,
in his turquoise and orange,
he stands with his toe's behind the free throw line,
the gym is quite for a second,
everything goes threw his head,
everything feels good,
the shot looks good,
it goes threw the net,
the gym is louder then before,
the buzzer goes off,
the game is over and turquoise and orange is everywhere,
their is streamers flying on the court,
their season will not end early,
he will be playing the next week end,
with every one watching once again,
if he brings strength and heart he'll claim the name once again,

The author's comments:
I wrote this because when i was younger I loved to go and watch plenty coups play because my cusin and uncle played, and I always wanted to play for the samething they did, but this just gives me really good memories

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