Chaos Theory

May 25, 2011
The jar under my feet shifts.
My life reserved like
Formaldehyde logic.

As it encompasses me
My breath is unwelcoming, parallel to
Inverted suffocation.

When violet eyes set
Like the overwhelming parhelion of an otherworldly sun
As approving as an acquired taste.

In a word, unrequited.
Trapped, like the mousy girl
Screaming "Violence, Violence!"

All that once plagued me
Boiling to the surface
Left to my own rumination as it once again seizes my being.

As I drift away
I'm slowly filled with an unfamiliar nostalgia.
The contradiction in itself is enough to hold me.

Like a letter reduced to ashes
A burn forms around the edges
Of my abstracted mind.

So stay and watch me
Apathetically; Lethargically
As I create my own Chaos Theory.

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