December 4, 2007
By Cortney Burrows, Littleotn, CO

I want to reach for the best
trying and sighing and never giving up
But this is just one big test
and it never ends
Each day I try to succeed
sometimes I fall down and bleed
Just another strife in life
I want to climb, slip, trip and come out on top
Once I get goin I'm never going to stop
We are all a part of this, some miss, som conquer
others defeated
but the will to go on is never depleted
Once I reach it isn't over
Cuz there is always a higher branch
always a new place to face
I want to be strong
Sing my song for the world
but there are so many songs swirled together
it creates turmoil
I want to reach the highest notes
tallest tower
biggest mountain
most votes
I will reach

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