Until the Destination

May 24, 2011
By Shea Fuller BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
Shea Fuller BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
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My boy, my protector


Separated is not way it should be.
Scurrying souls in distant places and times,

I long to be with you, love,

We fit like the perfect glove
Who were made to finish each other’s rhymes.

The thought has never crossed my mind

To not be again united, intertwined.
I imagine what you are doing right now,

Looking at my letter

Wondering how it will be better
When we meet face to face, kiss, wow.

Love is friendship set on fire,
Sleepless, relentless, desire.

Our walls smell of fresh paint,

Our room, holy, like a saint.
Our mismatched furniture scattered about

The room with no set place.

You look at my face
And say “This is our home, no doubt.”

The rain falling from outside

Encourages us to stay home and hide
From the world that only destructs and lies.

Together we fit so well,

In God’s presence we dwell
Thanking Him that there will be no more goodbyes.

Love is friendship set on fire,
Sleepless, relentless, desire.

Still, every sun must set

No matter how much one will bet.
Memories come and go both good and bad.

All enchanted things do not last forever,

Shall I forget them? Never,
For then it would become a waste, how sad.

It all started with two planters

Who raised an orchard who now banters
About who shall take care of me in my lowly state.

It is true that the ocean misses her sky,

But we will meet again; this is purely a temporary goodbye.
In heaven, we shall finally reach our fate.

Love is friendship set on fire,
Sleepless, relentless, desire.

The author's comments:
My name is Shea and I am a sixteen years old. I wrote this poem because I was inspired by Charles Baudelaire's "Invitation to the Voyage." It is based on experiences that I have had in the past and hopes that I have for my future.

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