May 24, 2011
All I've ever had were my pitiful dreams,
wanna change the world at the age of fifteen.
Gotta keep my head on straight, gotta keep clean.
All this potential, don't know what it means.
Heart starts racing' and I just wanna scream.
Then I see a light,
See with my sight
Thinking maybe I could be doing this right.
I just wanna love, I don't wanna fight.
The battle isn't won.
I want it to be done.
Me against the world, the world against one.
I am almost lost, almost at nothing,
need motivation, please give me something.
All I've ever had were my thoughts in my head,
and the voices all agree that I'm better off dead,
but some claim I'm worth more
at least that's what they've said.
I try to believe at night when I'm laying in my bed.
An hour leads to two, two leads to four.
When all the hours pass, all I want is some more.
Time to think, time to sink,
into my bed, in my head.
Trying to convince me that I'm not better off dead.
All I've ever had was my distant family,
trying to win approval, that's all I'll ever be.
Trying to understand why they don't care about me.
Trying with everything I have just to fall asleep.
Trying to be strong, even when I know I'm weak.
God doesn't listen, so why would you?
All I want is to create new.
Fighting hard to win, but I guess I know I'll loose.
All I've ever had was the hope in my heart,
I'll try to explain my life, I just don't know where to start.

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