Teddy Bear

December 4, 2007
Oh teddy bear why do we grow old?
I have to grow up or so I’m told
Now we have to part ways but I cant let go
I have to though that much I know
You helped me so much
You’ve gotten me through my first cut and crush
When I was sick and begging for more
when my heart broke leaving me broken on the floor
When I died inside and became truly alone
Knowing you were there I wasn’t on my own
You’ve held me the way they never had
And comforted me when it hurt so bad
When I lost my innocence to the boy down the street
And when it was me he beat
Battered and bruised
As well as used
I’ve spent my life with you by my side
Id die before id say goodbye
You were there when no one else was
Now I have to leave you just because
Now you have to go from what they said
I slit our wrists and now together we’ll be dead
Your stuffing flies with my crimson cries
I hold you close to me
Now lets share one final memory

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