My Mother

May 24, 2011
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Maybe you don't know everything, maybe you don't even know who I am anymore. you see my twisted surface so you beg your imagination to build me a pretty core. Each day im taking steps off that map you drew out for me, I just couldn't stand the thought of mirroring your every move knowing you're who id turn out to be. But go ahead and praise yourself for the image you so gladly withhold, keep those eyes focused on an empty sky and just maybe you'll miss the story i foretold. You'll miss the me that was once your shadow and overlook the scars. I guess i get it now, i mean, how much of me do you really get to know behind these bars? I'm pinned in a corner and somehow you've managed to tune me out, you never heard the pain ooze in or the neglect bind my wrists, what does it matter if i scream and shout? I wont be the disappointment in your corner for much longer though, Im out running your comments and hate. I'm just sorry this is the only side of me you ever got to know.

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