May 24, 2011
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Noone could imagine
Nor could they have guessed
That such a normal night
Would result in many deaths
Testing the flawed design
Of a reactor near by
The stupidity of its operators
Caused many people to die
Knowing the unstable conditions
The workers still began
Turning off the shut down system
Nothing went according to plan
The reactors power increased
Fearing it would break
A scram was ordered as a last attempt
to fix their horrid mistake
Unfortunatly it was much too late
The fuel rods began to melt
And twenty seconds later
An explosion could be felt
A monsterous fire then consumed
the radiation filled sky
Not knowing how dangerous it really was
The firefighters soon arrived
Looking up at the contaminated cloud
curiousity filled the eyes
Of many innocent children
Boy were they in for a suprise
They danced in the filthy water
that they only though of as rain
Unaware of the radiations effect
On both their bodies and brain.
While the trees wathed silently
The sky promised to never tell
Oh if only the children knew
Their lives would soon be hell.
Families were forced to abandon
everything they knew as home
no teddy bear, photo album, nothing
They left on their journey alone
Though 22 years later
the radiation still stands strong
It'll be an estimated 600 years
before anyone can once again
call this long forgotten place
a home

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