I am.

May 24, 2011
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I am a black and white photograph,
the edges are torn
a photograph that expresses memories long forgotten.
I am an animal begging for life,
killed by the cruel intensions of an individual.
I am that voice in the back of you're mind,
the voice you hate,
echoing through you're thoughts.
you can run from me but will always be found.
I controll you're every action,
I will always over power you,
I will always win.
I am a cool breese on a warm summer day.
the brushling of shoulders as two people pass.
the sweet sweet mealody you breath into the air.
the strumming of vocal chords
the beating of you're heart.
I am the treasure in which you seek,
glistening of gold as you open up the chest.
I am a flower blooming with life,
you pick off each petal,
they fall to the ground.
I am a kite soaring in the sky,
greeting the birds as they pass by slowly.
the hatred in you're heart,
the tears in you're eyes
the frown on you're face,
all of these I am.
I am the color turquoise,
bright bright purple,
I am a leaf falling slowly to the ground,
falling from the oak tree in you're backyard.
I am the crincking of pages as you turn them in you're book.
The folding of a newspaper as you sip you're morning coffee.
I am the ticking the ol clock makes,
as the numbers come to life,
twirl inside you're head.
I am the fear inside of you're heart,
as you walk home in the dark,
The footsteps behind when no one is there.
An amature photographer,
a writer dieing to learn,
a blood thirsting vampire ready to attack.
I can be anything I want to be,
I could be you,
but i'd rather be me.

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