Cabin Beauty

May 24, 2011
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Driving through Montana is welcoming.
You feel the need and what brings you.
The landscape from flat to hilly to mountainous
never strikes you backward.
Every summer many times I see
the landscape of Montana,
the sounds you hear,
and the smells you come across.
The drives along farms with
cows, horses, and deer you see
left and right.
A quick stop in Absarokee
to grab your favorite drink at the store,
and then no time wasted, back on the road.
Driving down twists and turns,
through grassy lands with
far out views of snow capped mountains.
Come to a halt
as wild animals or maybe even some cows along side the road.
Continue on to the next town of Fishtail,
only a population of a few hundred at max.
Crossing over bridges with running and life beneath.
Continue again, driving toward the mountains
you see before you.
Reach a left turn after a big bend in the road
and hit another old paved road
with not even a yellow line to split coming and leaving
the beautiful land of Montana.
Continue driving,
as you drive beside the river, rocky, roaring, and raging,
the life inside and out always feels at home.
You reach the dirt road turn off,
down a hill to the left, only a few miles to go,
until you reach that one last right turn.
When you come to that turn,
your grandma sits waiting,
jumps up and hurries to your side.
You day starts and ends with family,
inside Montana boundaries,
the sun, blue sky, mountains, and big pine trees,
looking over you.
Montana and family always go hand in hand,
never alone in here.

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