Love Is...

December 4, 2007
By Cassidy Cherrette, Littleton, CO

Love is the happiness you believe.
Love is the crystal clear drops, that fall from the eyes of someone that deeply cares.
Love is how weak you feel when no one is near,
But the strength to keep moving on.
It's the passin you so greatly desire to touch,
But the patience to wait.
Love is having Trust,
And trusting your doughts.
Love is waiting for that call,
Just hear their voice.
Love is having a bad day,
And still knowing your beautiful.
Love is starving for what you believe,
But having enough to eat.
Love is finding that place,
The secret place that no one knows.
Its learning to give your heart
And learning to recieve.
Love is the gift you get,
When you least expect it.
Love is always broken,
But never unfixable.

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