True Love

May 24, 2011
By Cayden SILVER, West Olive, Michigan
Cayden SILVER, West Olive, Michigan
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An ill man in bed
Grasps his wife's hand
Gradually lifts up his head
Says, "Don't you give up, you understand?"
The old woman, tears with in her sad eyes
Knows it will be soon
That her soul mate, her love, her husband dies
That Sunday around noon.
She nodded, it was God's day
But it felt like he was nowhere near
As her husband's coughs grew loud, his life beginning to fade
She faced her greatest fear.
"Promise never to loose your faith,
Though times grow hard and troublesome
For soon it will be the day
And God will return, will come."
She nodded, the tears soaked her wrinkled cheeks.
Her voice shakey as she talked,
"I promise no matter how much I grow weak
I will continue to walk God's walk."
She never thought she'd see him this way,
Wires hooked up left and right
Struggling to speak the words he had to say
Struggling to make it through each day and night.
"Do not ever think that you are alone,
You never will be
You never have been, every day you've grown
He is with you just as much as he is with me."
He was growing weaker with each word he said
He was loosing his breath
Soon, soon he'd be dead
And she'd have nothing left.
"Promise you'll go on living
As if I am still here
Continue giving
To those we hold so dear.
Promise when I am gone today
That you will grieve
But tomorrow you will smile, like you do any day
Promise to believe."
She nodded and spoke quietly, "I promise Dear."
As his face grew pale and blue
She knew the time she feared about all fears
Arrived as he spoke his last words. "I love you."

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