May 24, 2011
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The things you try to swallow that aren’t edible
Like your pride that’s decided it doesn’t care about the truth
That the way life is played, you’re always gonna lose
I’ve been wonderin’ who’s the hunter, an’ it sure isn’t me
No matter how great my fate may be, my eyes will never see
But they’ve been looking for years
And my fingers never feel what they’ve been touching, and we’re
Just making temporary fixes, with our fancy car and house, when the trick is to remember that the moment is now
Just forget it, who cares ‘bout where you’re told you should be headed, just think of you want and go ahead and get it
Because, you see, we’re heading for the same black hole
So it don’t matter cause I’m never gonna do what I’m told
I’m still better than whoever got too clever and never did THIS
Cause they knew that in the end that they were never really worth it
I mean, screw that, I’m the prey and I would take that any day
Over nodding off to sleep and rotting and decay while I’m still breathing, so I’ll keep repeating this until I die
The final place may be a waste but I’m still gonna try
Keep moving my feet until they finally start walking, these words will spill from my mouth until I finally start talking

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