7 Ways of Looking at God

May 24, 2011
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God… Mysterious yet knowledgeable,
Like an old man you’ve never meet before,
Like the ocean, so unpredictable
Like the sky, so full and endless

Three in one, one in three…
So illogical and incomprehensible,
Yet they fit perfect,
As if they were the last piece to a puzzle.

Faith… doubt and uncertainty,
Yet share bond and security.

The Father… whom is constantly
Involved with everyday lives.
He watches from above,
Like a crow in his nest,
Like a hawk on his high perch.

The Son… sacrifice, our savior.
Physical being whom created
Miracles and strengthened
Love for others, as well as himself.

The Holy Spirit… present wherever.
All around us, in every one of us.
From the happy moments in life,
To the tragedies, to the nervous ones,
It is present.

I… God and I are one,
Together, like moon and sun.
Like stars and space,
Like father and son.

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