Sleeping Sarrow

May 23, 2011
By brandon whisman BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
brandon whisman BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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A death of a friend has come and taken away the spirit of them. People arw crying in the narrow hallway heading into thechurch. How could someone so young do such a thing? Get into so much trouble, and kill themselves. Now they are floating up with god and forever sleeping down here. With there eyes closed never to be opened again. The body is being lowerede into the ground, and sarrow filled cries filled the air. Me, I just walk away, and hide behind a tree niot wanting anyone to see me cry. I miss them, I miss their cute and happy smile that few got to see. Is it sad that I miss them so? Because cant help but to cry myself to sleep anymore. With them not being there to vomfort me from behind. The memories that you left me I will have forever always in my heart. I miss you baby... I hope you know that.

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