I’m Always Surrounded

February 10, 2008
I'm the black sheep sitting in a herd, surrounded.
Surrounded by the future, the doomed future of another soulless generation.
A generation of drones.
This herd is all moving in a seemingly backward direction,
And I feel like I'm moving forward;
yet, I'll never be 100% sure of my direction.
They feel like they're doing the "right" thing which is what is Oh so wrong.
They don't realize that their "shepherds" and computer chips
Are leading them toward a very real and steep cliff,
And the computer chips are pumping trojans and viruses into the robots.
I keep the high hopes of change, a sort of eye opening revolution is very necessary to end this.
To end the infected robots, to end the sort of mass suicide that the sheep commit.
The sad part is the robots don't know they’re robots and the sheep all think they're independent,
Leading themselves and leading their own herd, more like a wolf.
The few of us who haven't lost our minds are tagged as insane
Or ostracized for not being a robot...or a sheep.
Revolution is necessary now, while people who think still exist,
Before we die off and the cause is lost.

Don't give in, and stay strong Black Sheep.....

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