The boxcars screech into the station

February 10, 2008
By Kirstyn Kedaitis, Lockport, IL

The boxcars screech into the station
So they can enter deprivation
In a morbid place hidden from the nation
These poor souls are entering a living hell

The innocents are led off the train
Not knowing about the forthcoming pain
Which will cause the war machine's gain
They're entering a living hell

To dirty passengers the showers call
Once inside, the special rain will fall
To take the lives of most in it, if not all
They'll die inside this living hell

The thousands, millions of the dead
All share one eternal bed
Where they'll forever rest their heads
They died within a living hell

In the sky, you see flames flash
As human beings get turned to ash
Which the angels of death will then rehash
Can anyone save these people from this living hell?

Occasionally, metal raindrops will streak
Through the air to kill the weak
In an atmosphere that's exorbitantly bleak
Maybe someday, the few survivors will be free from this living hell...

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