February 9, 2008
Place a man in battle,
Give him a gun,
Expect him to kill

To survive...

Thousands of men working for a government
With little regard for their lives…

Put a man into battle
All for the sake of saving a place… called America .

Train a solider to look past his brother’s face
And call him an enemy, a disgrace.

Both sides ask their soldiers
To kill the other side,
Innocent enemies divided by an arbitrary line.

Ask a man to shoot…to kill… to honor one’s country
Who robs from us all…

Prepared to die,
Trained to sacrifice.

For a country –
Of people who want to give up the fight.

We call it America ,

Home of the brave,

Then why are we so afraid?

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Artz said...
Aug. 13, 2008 at 8:10 pm
This is a question to which we would all like an answer, and im glad that someone is brave enough to ask it.
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