February 9, 2008
By Heather Allen, Hilton, NY

let's all just find happiness.
i'll take you to the motel and show you happiness
he said. she blushed.
"no you won't"
she walked away.
I'll take you to time square and show you happiness
he followed her. she laughed.
"no you won't"
she smiled.
i'll take you to vegas and show you happiness
he cringed. she giggled.
"no you won't"
i'll take to the water and show you happiness
"no you won't"
he sighed. she kissed his cheek.
"i'll take you to that tree over there."
she said. he wondered.
why that tree. i'll you something nice.
"no you won't."
she grabbed his hand.
dragged him closer and closer
to a old dead willow, that layed lifeless
on the forest floor.
she placed her hand on the trunk
"welcome home"

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