February 9, 2008
All you hear is the wind
besides my obnoxious heart beat
i'm the last person standing
only because its cooler to sit
Jstar isn't my hero
Hayley Williams does nothing for me
i'm weird.
Day three. This is all slipping.
or maybe its not.
i spin around in circles
its a game i like to play
i can't remember which ways North
but that's okay
i'm not going North.
You tease me.
taunt me.
torture me.
its a game you like to play.
i'll just stand here, though
and watch the buildings crumble
because you and me
are the only good things left.
you don't understand.
i wouldn't either.
i'm the mess your mother makes you clean up
and baby
that was enough.
everything's enough.
i was the number you called everyday
just to hear my voice after the tone.
i'm not special.
i'm not unique.
i'm nothing you'll ever remember.
take me above your mind.
that makes no sense.
just like everything i've ever written.
if you asked me why you're on my mind
"His eyes make me think of Art"
"They should hang in a gallery"
... you're weird.
"So everyone can stare"
... stop.
"And everyone would understand why"
.... no they wouldn't.
"Well maybe not. That's how i like it."
you're a rainstorm in the desert.
All the cacti stop and go.
so that makes me a cactus?
i will always be the mess your mother made you clean.
the same mess so shoved under your bed.
the mess that never stopped growing.
i graduated from that.
i'm finding my own class of students.
i'm finding my place.
or maybe i'm not...?
All you can hear is the rain.
besides my annoying humming.
you wrote that song
i can't stop singing it.
You tease me.
taunt me.
torture me.
and i like it.

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