Our Journey

May 20, 2011
By katibug919 BRONZE, Red House, West Virginia
katibug919 BRONZE, Red House, West Virginia
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Our journey is coming to an end
The end is just ahead.
The new path is about to begin,
Which some of us may dread.

Thirteen years ago, our journey began
In a strange and tiny room.
But like tiny flowers in the midst of spring,
We soon began to bloom.

At first we were scared, confused and lonley
But comfort was always near.
A hug, a smile, or simply a talk,
comforted all our fears.

Throughtout the years, we begin to see
Our knowledge had noticibly grew.
We begin making friends, who we would soon figure out
Would be there to help us through.

The first few years were easy as pie
As we learned the basic, simple stuff.
We loved to play on the playground,
in which we couldn't get enough.

As our journey progressed, reality hit
Ans we reliezed it wasn't all fun.
Some of us begin falling behind,
and we just wanted to be done.

We went through our many "phases"
Gothic, jock, or plain.
Some regrettibly giving up the knowledge,
We had worked so hard to gain.

But the hardest of times were the losses we faced
And the struggle it took to pull through.
We've lost some friends in unfair ways,
But our love for this life had grew.

When high school came, we were takin aback,
As we reliezed what "Drama" really meant.
Fights and tears. Triumphs and fears
Are how those crazy four years were spent.

Thirteen years, we've grown up together
and many times did not get along.
But like it or not. When push comes to show,
as a whole is when we become strong.

So today we stand in matching gowns
to recieve our final grade.
As we look back on the memories,
And the journey we have made.

The author's comments:
Poem i wrote for my senior graduation:) feedback pleez:)

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