May 20, 2011
By 6LoveIsTheMovement6 BRONZE, Roselle, Illinois
6LoveIsTheMovement6 BRONZE, Roselle, Illinois
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"Falling is easy, getting back up is the hard part"

Your in my dreams and in my mind, All i know is that your one of a kind. Holding me close and never letting go, I finally feel like I'm not just a show.
Your eyes so bright, staring into mine, They look so beautiful, as they start to shine. Your smile so comforting whispering in my ear, Telling me things that I would love to hear.
I feel your heart beat, as you hold my hand, I never thought alone, that i;d be able to stand.
Your hairs so soft, as dark as my heart, I just wish we wouldn't have to stay so far apart.
I cannot ever say, what i do feel, Because none of that could have ever been real.

For it was just a dream..

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