February 9, 2008
Clap your hands loud
she's the spunky polka dot
you've been missin' for so long.
scoop her up quick
she's a glittery diva on her way up
she's leaving, this place was always too small,
for the light that shined from her every pour.
she idolized the words that made her see
even though she really didn't.
maybe if you gave her a mirror
or told her everyday
she'd understand.
she always said she was strange
nothing fit right
nobody listened
maybe the only thing that could change
was her, she thought,
and she often tried.
if only someone told her
told her not to
told her that there was no need.
she always had the prettiest face
and she never was able to see
how everyone saw her
she was always this shiny little baby princess
who made everyone smile through jealous teeth
maybe one day,
she'd finally look in the mirror
and find something nice to say.
just like everyone else did.
she's that perfect little girl
who leaving all the tiny people
and going to the world
that just might understand her a little better
than all the dull
rusty, small people left here.
she was never at home
she never found that.
she'd always walk around
stumbling and complaining how no one really knew her
she was right, it was true.
people didn't know how to act, around someone so bright
in mind and spirit.
she was always sad, though
she didn't like herself
no one ever told her
she was something to be proud of.
no one every told her
she was perfect just how she was.
she finally found her home.
on that shiny long runway.
behind that flashy camera lights.
wearin' those hip fashion trends.
she's that girl
you put posters up on your wall.
she's that girl
who made you happy to be stranger than the rest.
she's that girl
who helped you find
your home too.

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