Ode To Grandpa

May 20, 2011
Riding with you all the time
Laughing at the jokes you say
Listening to the stories you tell
Hearing all the good times you had

I can still see you now riding in the truck
Going to the fields to help your sons
Enjoying the farm life all the time
Checking on the cows about to calve
Two or three times a night

Every morning you would eat breakfast
You would come back in at noon
Eat the dinner grandma cooked you
Then take a little nap, then go out and start choring
Then you came in to eat your supper, and watch the news

During fall you would be driving the trucks
Pulling the grain cart and pulling wagons
Tilling the land after we are done with harvest
Putting on anhydrous too

You taught me all you knew
Share your feelings with all
You never stopped when you had some trouble
You always said to learn from mistakes

We always shared our birthdays
Year after year we would always have fun
Then your health got worse
and we hardly seen each other

Now all we can do now is remember
The good times we shared together
We will always have you in our minds
Your always there and never forgotten
Now just wait for us to come and join you
In that big ole house in the sky

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