Dreadful Memory

May 20, 2011
By kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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"You can beat or jail me or even kill me, but I am not going to be what you want me to be," ~Steve Biko from "Cry Freedom"

I saw a strange little robin sitting on that tree over there.
I walked over there and it was full of sadness.
I asked, “What’s wrong little robin?”
It then turned all ugly.
To be exact it turned into a crow.
That was full of hatred that cannot be set free.
I screamed terrified for it came right at me.
It flapped his black feathering wings, while
I ran for my life trying to hide from that painful crow.
I finally made it to a cave that was damp and cold
While, the crow followed me in and attacked me
So, the next thing I knew I awaked with a bright light
Shining straight at me.
I saw an image that was my husband, Nelson, coming from the clouds
He said, “My sweat darling, there is no fear while I’m here.
Don’t run away from the crow. It will always be with you that you can never let it go.”
The bright shimmering light then faded in the dark cave. I was once again alone
With a robin by me whose heart was full of pain,
But once again happy with a beautiful sound.

The author's comments:
This piece has a theme or a message in this narrative poem. It is basically saying that when you have a memory don't let it get in your way. Just move on, but always keep the memory.

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