Drowning in lies.

February 9, 2008
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Drowning in lies.
Suffocating my emotions.
A sea of girls, crying for devotion.
Show me that I mean more than her.
Fighting for power, I am starting to get sore.
She seems to tower even more than before.
Lucky few who get all they want.
If I were too I would learn how to flaunt.
But unfortunately I’m not, and enither are you.
So lets have a scotch and drink to the new.
The new generation that will change the world.
Making us all genuine boys and girls.
Begin to uncurl and come and see
The word of change and different seas.
Progressive and happy
Busy as bees!
So much has changed and so much could be!
Now stop me please, before I get sappy.
For this has to be snappy.
And as you swim in your new abyss
You have to wonder
“is there something I missed?”
because as you float around here and spend the time
you begin to have this strange fear.
Cause remember when you were crying and everything wasn’t fine?
Well that place is near.
Nothing has changed and everyone’s the same.
Who is to blame?
God, Buddha, Zeus, or George?
Why do I often get bored?
Of blaming those who have so much power
But are they the ones really at fault?
We live in a colt, you need to see
That this is the only way things can be.
Nothing is ever going to change
So just float along and keep at bay
Your emotions and fears.
Cause soon you’ll see the sea keeps the same motions,
And so do we.

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