Because I Was Eight

February 9, 2008
When I was eight, my friend said that thunder was God bowling.
So, I thought
maybe snow is from when God was doing art and spilled the glitter.
Because I was eight.
And I thought
maybe when it rains, God is crying.
I thought
maybe hurricanes are God doing his laundry.
I thought
maybe clouds are when its really cold out and God can see his breath.
I thought
maybe a tornado is God vacuuming.
I thought
maybe, volcanoes are what happens when God explodes mentos.
I thought
maybe there is wind when God gets too hot, so he turns on the fan.
I thought
maybe shooting stars are God getting a homerun.
I thought
maybe the sun is God turning on the light
and maybe the moon is because he is scared of the dark.
Then I thought
What do ants think?

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