February 9, 2008
By Nae34 BRONZE, Pflugerville, Texas
Nae34 BRONZE, Pflugerville, Texas
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i look at the photograph old and decayed
a symbol of childhood innocents swept away
By someone who didn't care
anything of the pain I'd have to bear
he didn't even love me
now i can't love me
he robbed me of my self-esteem
of my very identity
What was he thinking
what was on his mind?
he must have been blind,
he couldn't or wouldn't see the pain on my face
A pain that cannot be erased
it started with one simple touch, maybe to him it didn't seem so much
From there it got worse and worse
now for me it is like a curse
it's been with me all my life and all it's caused is strife
It's given me feelings that question how could I have been his toy
Now for those who are thinking how cute that sleeping child is,
STOP!!! before you ruin the life they'll
it may seem like just a curious touch
And it doesn't mean very much
you may say "they'll never know"
But from there it will only grow
'till you possess all that child had
and leave them nothing but sad
Just Please!

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