February 8, 2008
By Kiran Waheed, Queens Village, NY

Flickering lights,
cracked ceiling
rain thrashes on the skyline
holes in teh wall, mice peeking
hoping to discover a feast.
thunder screeching atop the roof
roots forming on the creamed ceiling
droplets pouring on the weathered floor.
It's just like you.
It's just like you.
rust in the corners,
creaking wooden doors
the broken floor tiles, they run
for miles
count them until they disappear
spiders sit cozily in their webs
like a hammock.
dust forming dust,
dancing like it's infinite.
cracks cracking
until they crumble.
It's just like you.
It's just like you.
You let yourself go.
Find yourself.
Maybe the sun will pour through
the skyline.

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