February 8, 2008
By Kat Meade, Camp Lejeune, NC

Your heart is ice,
your soul just as cold.
Your stench is awful,
you smell like mold.

The truth you’ve bent,
rhe lies you’ve told.
The ground you stand on,
the power you hold.

You command your armies,
with a look of pure hate.
You’ve chosen your destiny,
and secured my fate.

Then the battle stops
(all frozen in time).
My heart sings…
and, far off, a bell chimes.

For you just realized
and you now see:
You have two choices,
you or me.

Then time rebegins,
the battle shall start.
I close my eyes,
and my heart.

Your sword lashes out,
and death is made.
You feel no pity,
for the solidors you’ve slayed.

Time freezes again,
and I just want to scream!
Can’t it just end for good?
Can’t it all be a dream?

So once more you stop
(and all else has, too)…
And I see the reason:
your choice is you.
Just so you know:
I have two choices, as well.
Between them, and this battle—
I’d rather go to hell.

In an alternate reality,
things wouldn’t be this way.
I’d be so much braver,
and say what I need to say.

Then all the battles would cease,
and no more lives would be lost.
We’d all move on…
but at what cost?

As rain pours down on it all,
my hear wheighs a near-ton.
The battle is far from over, I know—
the battle has just begun.

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