The One

February 8, 2008
By Jake Flathers, Liberty, SC

It kills me to see him hurt her so bad
When I'm the one she could have had
I hate the sad look she has when she's blue
But deeper it says Jake I need you,

It kills me when I could be the one,

The one she could be holding in her arms ever so gentle but tight
The one she could lay in the grass with under the starry blue night
The one to gently stroke her cheek
The one she thinks of everyday of the week,

The one she wants to be with 'til time ends
but yet I'm appointed as the best friend
The one to help her with her pain and sorrow
The one to help her make it 'til tomorrow

But I'm tired of the worn out role of best friend
While standing around seeing her get hurt time and again
I could be giving her what she wants, true happiness
But yet I'm still settling for second best

Right now I'll unwillingly settle for best friend
If the time promises we'll be the end..

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