February 8, 2008
By Erica Michie, Cleburne, TX

Aint life funny?!
You can go around wishing and praying that you’re gonna find that one special guy
He comes along and turns the bad into good and you never want it to end
Laughing smiling and always getting along
Never a dull moment
And he’s falling for u and you’re falling for him and everything is perfect….
Only…..its not….
For some reason all you can think of is the past summer and how that cowboy stole your heart and never gave it back….
He took of Ridin into the sunset and never turned around once to explain his good-bye
Everything was perfect until ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ walked backed into your life
The memories grab at your heart and you smile, but know the truth,
How he can say the right thing to get you at his side, but your smart enough to know it’s all an act
So you turn and run
Faster and faster and faster
As far away as you can get, into your new guys arms, away from harm and lies
‘This,’ you tell yourself, ‘Is where I need to be. This is what love is and what I’ve longed for.’

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