The Reflection

February 8, 2008
By Anna Belogurov, Ephrata, PA

I look out the window
And I see a face.
The face look lonely and upset
and a whol lot of other emotions
all mixed together.
I look into her eyes,
and see big, dark blue eyes
looking sadly back at me.
There is a soft shade of red
circling her eyes all around.
As i look from her eyes to her mouth,
I notice a clear, wet line
extending from her eyes
to the bottom of her chin.
Her lips quiver slightly,
and i can see her teeth
chattering underneath.
Down on her arms,
are red jagged line
forming different designs.
Some are brighter than others.
I feel so sorry for her,
and i just want to take her
and give her a big hug
and tell her that
everything will be alright.
But as i extend my hand
towards the window,
it starts raining.
My hand touches cold glass,
and the face disapears.
I then relize that the face
in the window,
Was my own.

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