What Happened?

February 8, 2008
Like a child, so young and energetic
I ran to the car for a ride to school
I, being like a jack-n-the box
Pop up from my seat, BONG,
I hit my head on the top of the car

The terrible migraine screeched
As I walked through the crowd
My tears like a stream,
Coming from the mountain top

In the lunch room, others asking
Me, what’s wrong, why are you crying
Went to see the school nurse,
She called my mother,
My mother came and took me
To the doctor, me not knowing

What was happening to me,
I finally knowing what had happened,
I got a dislocated neck

Three, four weeks later, bye-bye
To the soft neck cast, everyone sighed
Hope you feel better, stay good,
Love the greatest friends
You’ll ever get.

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