When you said those words to me

February 8, 2008
By maher alexis, Brooklyn, NY

When you said those words to me
I fell in to pieces
My body turned cold
Nothing matter no more
Time just stopped right there.
I fine my self crying wondering why
Why my heart is so cold .
Why did you leave?
I felt a part of me die..
Now I’m not certain how things could be;
the worst feeling in the world
is not to have you
And to feel your warmth.
All I could do was sit alone
My heart shouted
Begging for mercy
Begging for this pain to end for I can take
It no more,
My head ached
From reminiscing
On the memories we shared
Reminiscing on the times, we touched
Reminiscing on those words, you have said
To me
Those words burned
Those words ripped
My soul and
Cute it up in to letters
Letters that spelled ‘its over”
The words I never wanted to hear you say
Eyes bloodshot
Knowing that there’s
Nothing I can do or say
To have you back
Kills me so much
So much pain,
so much anger starts to full my body
Knowing that I demanded to know
To why you take my heat
Some thing like glass that can be so easily
Shattered why, why, WHY!
I busted yelling
You make me hurt so much why, why
This pain is so strong. It feels my body
Why you leave not knowing how this can hurt me
This pain is killing me.
I need to sit and try to recover from you.
I close my eyes as the tears fell my eyes.

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