I can see you

February 8, 2008
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A lone star twinkles
in the vast, open night.
I’m in awe and I know
Somewhere, you see it, too.

I’m standing on a hilltop

Civilization has disappeared, temporarily.
We came here once, you and I.
Do you remember?

In the morning, Sol blazes
The day will be hot, humid.
But for now, it’s the sunshine and the mist.
…Do you see it?

Later, it rains.
The hot tears of the sky flow
across the face of the Earth
as they did across mine when I left.
But I had to.

And Everywhere I look I can see you…
As though nature can’t have me forget
So, though it hurts, I smile
In case…somehow…you need to see me, too.

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