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May 18, 2011
By LJVedack GOLD, Canby, Oregon
LJVedack GOLD, Canby, Oregon
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I didn’t grow up the way you wanted,
You thought I was small and weak,
Now my life has and will be haunted,
By the words and ways you called me a freak,
My life isn’t yours,
When will you understand?
My blood stains your floor,
And because of that you raise your hands,
You don’t miss me at all,
And you think I don’t feel,
You let go and made me fall,
Now my head and heart seem too real,
I sit here wondering when you will notice,
That other people live on the earth,
It’s only you I won’t miss,
And my life has some worth,

It’s always been your way,
No matter how wrong,
It was yours every single day,
And this is you one and only song,

I’ve had to bottle it all up,
Because you wouldn’t listen,
I felt like a scared little pup,
And every night I eyes would glisten,
From the tears I had,
And now I feel like I’m gonna die,
The feelings I had faded to black,
But I’m done being shy,
You treated me so much worse,
And I never said a thing,
Now you talk as if in reverse,
And I know now my life has meaning,
You can say I meant something more,
Than a kid that wasn’t yours,
But now I sit here with no one to adore,
I hope I get to settle our scores,

It has always been your way,
No matter how wrong,
It was yours only every single day,
And this is your only and only song.

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