One Life to live

May 18, 2011
In this world you get one chance,
Mess it up and you won’t get it back,
Look at these frilly guys prance,
And make us people want to yak.

I can’t stand the pain I get,
When these knives slip and stick,
In my side and make me look like a fish net,
Now back off I got it pr**k.

I want you to stop,
Think and listen,
Would you rather shop?
Or make blood glisten?

I don’t wanna die,
But I can’t help but think,
How shy am I?
The smallest thing could tickle me pink.

Now I worry about you,
And how much time you get,
To your self while your blue,
And you won’t need your pet.

I won’t stop till I know,
That you’re okay,
And I have to row,
This boat filled with hay.

I have no reason to complain,
If you live and stay,
On this earth even though it has rain,
Now I drop to my knees and I pray.

“Dear lord don’t let her loose herself,
She means a lot to people and she don’t know,
That she’s got friends, who want to help,
And I hope she knows she ain't a h*e.”
This is my only prayer for you,
Please know I care,
I wouldn’t sink if you flew,
Now I must start a new prayer.

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