The battle storm

June 16, 2011
By Anonymous

The battle of my war

we put our game mask on

warriors we become

the shadows crystals splashing apart

drop by drop

the day of a new start

live the life as if today

was your last day to live

young souls said

the journey I never took

only the one within you

running away trough the passage ways

looking for the beat of my heart

to the world I overpower

as I fall I rise up

with passion to grow

the day of a new start

my world to my journey

each bullet going trough me

the force to my past

to feel the smile

the structure everyone wishes

the pain slowly passes through my body

tears I see

stars fall apart

off the ground I go

the eternity of a new start

the courage to say

one more chance

all this fight

a show we put behind

the beginning led to a new era

rain falling from the heavens a new world,

walking in the dream to my destiny

life as we know it

to die or to live

the adventure to flow away

don’t be afraid all the defeat will melt away

leaving yourself with your battle storm

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