As the guns are being fired

February 8, 2008
By Brandon Genest, Pawtucket, RI

As the guns are being fired,
Grenades being launched,
One after another is falling,
Reaching their eternal fate.
Protectors of our country;
The true heroes of our lives,
Each make that commitment,
To risk their lives for ours.
With each passing second,
Unknown of what will come,
He still keeps a straight face,
Yet thinking of his only home.
A wife to comfort him;
Two children of his own,
Each who hold a special place,
In our hero's heart.
A bullet of the enemy
has interrupted our hero's dream.
The hero collapses to the ground,
And bellows for some help.
The closest hero to him
was a hundred feet away.
The hero on his feet
runs to his comrade.
Desperate for medical aid,
the fallen hero still endures,
Keeping his loved ones in his mind,
praying he will be home.
"This is all a nightmare,"
The fallen soldier whispers.
"I must wake up,
and everything will be normal."
Our hero's dream is real—A dream it is not,
But in all actuality,
it is actually happening.
His eyes start to close,
his breathing rapid.
Tears running down his sand-covered face.
"I have failed my troops,
my country, my family."
His troops look on to him,
wishing it was them.
The other heroes look on,
as the fallen hero fades,
Like a distant memory
of a time long ago.
The fallen hero has faced
a true scare, indeed.
His eyes are now closed,
as he is now in eternal rest.
A hero brings his head over
to the fallen hero's cold chest,
And listens for a beat—The hero hears nothing.
Back at the fallen hero's home,
the dreaded doorbell rung.
Men in uniform are standing there, when the woman answers.
When the woman answers, she begins to tremble.
Not a word spoken by the men, yet she knows the truth.
The men in uniform spoke, in perfect unison.
"We are sorry about your loss"
the wife wipes her tears.
Trying to regain composure,
the wife stands up, and asks
The uniformed men,
"How did my husband die?"
"He was shot in the line of duty,
a sniper was the assassin.
He fought and cried—All he could think of was you.
"He was afraid that he had betrayed you—his family.
He thought he failed his
country, but did not"
So thus ends the story of
The Fallen Hero.
May he rest in peace,
with the Lord by his side.

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