Little Miss Cheerleader

February 8, 2008
By Tia Robinson, Louisville, KY

Little Miss Cheerleader
You think you know her.
Her long hair
her exceptional grades
her make-up
her perfect little life.
But you have know idea
of the pressures
and issues
that lie beneath
that cute little face of hers.
You dont know that she
cries herself to sleep
every night.
You dont know how many times
she has thought of just pulling the plug
of her life.
And i bet you didnt know that her life isnt as
as you assumed it would be.
Every day she faces
obstacles that throw her back
further than she can stand.
Dealing with
situations that you could
never dream.
And every morning she awakes
with these frightful possibilities
toying with her adolescent little mind.
One day she may just break
as if she were a little sand castle
and her troubles
merely the waves that wash ashore
and knock her off her to the ground
where she must attempt to start all over.
What she sees behind those
big brown doe eyes
is for her to see
and she tells no one.
Each day passes
and life becomes that much more
And she puts on that
happy little face
once again
looking as content as can be
fooling everyone who may possibly
notice her.
But for all they know
shes still that same
Little Miss Cheerleader
as she falsely was the day before.

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