Monster Suicide America

February 8, 2008
is dying,
an unfortunate and preventable death.

a sort of
type II diabetes,
adult on-set
results of a government's
poor diet
lack of exercise.

while the antiquated countries of Europe
push on,
old fogies with minds like steel traps
and bodies hale and hearty

the US
become immobile,
muffled underneath an obesity of self-worth
and self-importance.

we become lethargic,
driving towards our deaths in cars
made from the hard work
of a foreinger.

we eat more
because we feel we deserve more
a deadly combination that can only lead
to imminent self-destruction.

it's too bad,
because you know they've found a cure to type II.
the solution is rather simple:
eat right, get moving, lose the weight-
and your symptoms miraculously disappear.

if power really is vested in the people,
our leaders will soon recognize these "shocking" parallels,
and listen to some doctor's orders.
but I'm afraid it may be too late.

we're already heading towards suicide.

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